Legal services focused on Legal and Tax Consulting, Litigation, Negotiations and Business & Real Estate Transactions

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Consulting and advisory services in the management and transaction of private assets; Litigation; Contracts; Property Law and Family Law.


Consulting and advice in the areas of Corporate, M&A, Employment, Tax, Insurance, Insolvency, Credit Recovery and Litigation.


Consulting and succession planning; Wills; Undivided inheritances; Asset sharing agreements; Inventory proceedings.

Golden Visa

Consulting and Advisory services to obtain a residence visa by investment.

Madeira International Business Centre

Incorporation and licensing of companies in the Madeira Free Trade Zone; Consulting and advice in the areas of Corporate, Tax and Employment Law.

Real Estate

Licensing; Purchase and Sale contracts, exchanges, donations, urban leasing.


Our team is made up of a multigenerational group of Lawyers who share their experiences and carry out their activities with high responsibility and commitment.

Isabel Mendes Londral

Roberto Mendes Londral
(Attorney-at-Law / Managing partner)

Vera Valério

Areas of Practice

Civil Law

Tax Law

Insurance Law

Commercial and Corporate Law

Mergers and Acquisitions

Family and Succession Law

Employment Law

Urban Planning and Real Estate

Golden Visa

Insolvency and Business Restructuring

Registries and Notaries

Free Trade Zone / Madeira IBC

Our history

Our Office was founded by Dr. Luís Simeão Mendes, in September 1946. Since the beginning, the Office has been well-known in Madeira and the founder’s second and third generation continues to practice law in Madeira with the same principles and professional values.

Luís Simeão Mendes

Born on January 5, 1914, in the parish of Porto da Cruz (Madeira), Luis Simeão Mendes went to Coimbra, at the age of 13, to complete his studies at Colégio Luís de Camões. In 1934 he was admitted to the Lisbon Faculty of Law, where he graduated in 1939. Between 1940 and 1945 he completed his military service in Madeira island. In 1946, Luis Simeão Mendes began his professional career as a Lawyer, firstly with an office in Santa Cruz and, since 1952, in Funchal, where he settled with an office at Rua Padre Gonçalves da Câmara, practicing until the end of his life. He died on September 26, 1993, at the age of 79.

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In 1980, Isabel Mendes Londral joined the Office, working mainly in Madeira and in the areas of civil litigation, family and succession, corporate, employment and real estate.

In 2010, Roberto Mendes Londral also joined the Office, working mainly with tax law, corporate law and M&A. In the same year, Vera Valério joined the Office, having a huge experience in insurance law and civil litigation.

In April 2011, we incorporated “Mendes Londral & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados, SP, RL”, with a strong family background.

In September 2017, Patrícia Viveiros joined the team, working with civil law (litigation and contracts), real estate, urban leasing and condominium law.

Over the last 70 years, our Office has contributed to the professional training of several Lawyers in Madeira.

On 2023, the American directory Best Lawyers distinguished our Lawyers in the following areas of practice:

Isabel Mendes Londral – Litigation
Roberto Mendes Londral – Corporate Law and Litigation
Vera Valério – Insurance Law

This American ranking annually distinguishes Lawyers with greater recognition among their peers, in different areas of practice.

Above all, this distinction is the recognition of the hard work and full dedication of the entire team of ML&A Lawyers!

The full list is published at

Mendes Londral Advogados


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